Near BPO is a Florida corporation that since 2003 has been providing Agile Software Development, IT Consulting & Business Process Outsourcing solutions to leading enterprises worldwide. We know that SAAS and other BPO solutions for enterprises looking for high quality results work best when delivered from a Nearshore location. Our focus is on providing our clients with value-based services that deliver exceptional customer experience, and do so effectively.  We believe that all modern enterprises stand to benefit greatly by implementing technology designed to make data-driven business decisions. Near BPO’s core objective is to improve business performance through the proper management of information technology.

The Company


Near BPO associates are distinguished by their commitment to deliver solutions beyond customer expectations. We believe that the foundation of good software development comes from pairing a proficiency in technical knowledge of computer systems with the comprehensive ability to implement efficient and dynamic software solutions. Don’t get confused and think that these are just practical skills, they are vital necessities if you plan on writing good applications. The ultimate objective of our team is finding the best way to implement the latest and best technology to resolve to a customer requirement in an efficient and cost effective way.
The solutions delivered by Near BPO include the development of software applications including SAAS, consulting in the area of business processes definition, implementation and improvement, staff augmentation for software development organizations and integrated contact center solutions for customers in any sector. We know that our sophisticated digital platforms will enable your business to achieve its performance goal.
Given the software development DNA of Near BPO and that our high quality services are provided from a Nearshore location in the same time zone as USA based customers, our solutions are highly attractive to corporations that will benefit from and experienced software development teamhigh availability of resourcesdynamic staffing, and a lower cost of development to meet demand. Near BPO has provided outsourcing solutions to multiple Fortune 100 companies, gaining big data management knowledge and BPO methods exclusive to high demand operations along the way. Choosing Near BPO as your service provider guarantees that you’ll be utilizing the same tools and platforms as high-profile and highly-scalable SAAS operations.

Sectors That Need Us

The R&D team at Near BPO has worked in parallel with development teams from some of the best known high-tech firms in the world. Our quick turnaround effectively boosts your software development speed, enabling faster delivery of your product pipeline while avoiding the need to increase your payroll. Programming teams function as an internal component of your company, helping create the optimal environment for agile development.
Near BPO has provided a diverse number of solutions for leading enterprises in the financial sector, such as client acquisition and retention, up-sale and cross-selling techniques, advanced security for database administration, and the refinement of business processes. The services we provide have been validated and certified by the largest and most trusted financial institutions in the global financial market.
Companies that offer healthcare services choose Near BPO to improve the quality of their services and reduce administrative costs without compromising the security and privacy of their patients. We strive to promote innovation in the healthcare marketplace in order to deliver overall better patient health and satisfaction through the comprehensive use of cutting-edge medical technology. From digital management of medical records, to providing increased exposure to clinical research through mobile apps, we’ve got you covered!
The rate of change in the educational field is simply unparalleled, and any institution that thinks it can ignore the wave of future change is already in a state of decline.We have developed applications for publishers in order to enable them to distribute their publications and provide a testing platform over the internet. By providing educational institutions with sophisticated API management tools, we allow better oversight of academic resources and provide a highly updatable platform from which they can provide course content through individual portals.
Near BPO provides in-depth tools to solve a wide range of local business problems. From the implementation of mini CRMs and ERPs to the administrating dynamic marketing strategies, we can help your local business maximize its financial performance. It is an undeniable truth that improving the digital footprint of your local business translates directly into an increase in customers. With our PowerListings service, you can seamlessly control the largest database in online directory listings, review sites, and social networks, allowing you to boost your visibility in the crowded local marketplace. Reputation management can make a night and day difference in client retention, isn’t it time you found out what people are saying about your business?
We specialize in the operation of complex public sector projects, and as such have earned partnerships with several state entities. Characterized by their high social impact, government projects undertaken by Near BPO are the most genuine examples of challenges where our core principles of complete transparency and accountability are put to greater use. Our methodologies focus on meeting rigorous standards in regards to budgetary performance and security, making Near BPO the first choice for government outsourcing projects.
We encourage our associates to the take time to use their talent for good causes. We owe it to the world to give something of ourselves back to society and promote positive change. If you are a directing member of an NPO and are looking to expand your IT infrastructure, let us know! Near BPO loves to assist in projects focus on increasing educational awareness and provided technological resources to the poor and rural youth. Change the world and you will change yourself.
Businesses today are well aware that the ongoing proliferation of technology creates a persistent challenge for present day systems that can no longer keep up with the ever-increasing demands of our interconnected world. Our society’s reliance on the convenience and capabilities of the globalization must be met with equally intricate communications equipment and software platforms built to withstand the surging tech industry. Near BPO helps companies become more adaptable in order to swiftly respond to the escalating number of requests in the multidimensional marketplace, allowing them to stay on top of their trade.

Our Methodologies

Agile Software Development

Based on an iterative planning, implementation, and feedback loop, agile software development enables the continuous alignment of software deliverables with changing business requirements. Thanks to the implementation of agile development, we offer customer visibility over the development process, predictable code maintenance & deployments with a short application delivery time. By continuously delivering on customer requirements, our clients can periodically update the priority of components, better manage their budget, and reduce the risk associated with software development by accelerating the maturation of initial business value, thereby ensuring that value is continuing to be maximized throughout development lifecycle. Near BPO's utilization of agile methodologies permits us to carefully design and construct the optimal solution to fit your future business objectives and operational goals.

Peer Review Collaboration

To increase the quality of the deliverables, Near BPO utilizes a peer review process which not only increases development speed, it also reduces instances of production errors. Our proven approach of having various collaborators with a range of unique software development disciplines allow us to incorporate multiple branches of knowledge into the solution. The coordination of such efforts consequently hinges on agility, with the recurrent delivery timelines throughout the development cycle serving as the opportunity for distinct ideas to intersect. Software cannot be written in a vacuum; meaningful interaction is necessary in constructing a solution that provides the most forward thinking user experience. Our trademark fusion of IT focused BPO services permit for full-scale upgrades to your company's data management resources, seamlessly enhancing the performance of your business processes.

Our Preferred Technologies


The Cloud



SQL & Big Data

Our Principles



And Most Of All

Our Customers

Near BPO has provided outsourcing solutions to companies ranging from large multinational corporations to small local businesses in almost every industry sector. We are committed to resolving IT challenges with both speed and dedication. Our attention to detail and outstanding customer service sets us apart from the rest. So take a look at our case studies section, where you can find out more about how Near BPO has helped these companies boost their performance through business process outsourcing.See Near BPO's Case Studies
Near BPO has delivered on everything that Apigee has asked for and more!
Chet Kapoor, CEO of Apigee
Vertex has found in Near BPO a professional, reliable, smart and responsive strategic partner, that has been able to deliver a complex BPO solution with agility and quality. With their technology infrastructure, the Near BPO team has become a seamless extension of the Vertex team, enabling Vertex to deliver solutions in new geographical locations and extending Vertex’s capabilities to other languages and cultures. Vertex is excited about the opportunity to leverage this partnership, which has been built on quality execution and trust, in order to extend our solutions offerings.
Bruce MacLeod, Managing Director - Vertex Data Science Ltd.
For GlaxoSmithKline, integrating Near BPO into customer support and follow-up has signified an overall improvement, because Near BPO is a thorough enterprise, that understands its space and recognizes the importance of providing detailed services to its commercial partners. Near BPO’s leading edge technology and its human capital are the cornerstones of the successful solutions beings provided. It enabled the deployment and immediate integration into GSK business processes. Today, the staff that manages the operation is perfectly qualified and trained to perform the daily tasks that demand a quick and high quality interaction with GSK customers. Additionally, Near BPO offers excellent communication, implementation, personalized interactions and reporting of key performance indicators that enables GSK to continuously improve in our processes. Without a doubt, we have established a very rewarding commercial relationship, which we expect every time will be more productive and meaningful for our business.
Lic. Carlos Gómez, GlaxoSmithKline México
For Banamex, Near BPO has been an strategic supplier, characterized by its commitment towards the institution, who has demonstrated its commitment with results, quality of deliverables and always following the directions and policies established by the Banamex Credit Card campaign. Two years into this relationship, we foresee a long term campaign according to what Banamex expects from its business partners.
Agustin B. Montiel Lopez, Sales Subdirectory Remote Channel
As an strategic vendor of the Institute, Near BPO has demonstrated operational efficiency and flexibility by rapidly assimilating the complexity of our operations, delivering KPIs that have exceeded our expectations. A key point on the quality of service delivered has been the leading edge technological base they offer, providing an intelligent monitoring and Voice & Display recording system that enable us to improve quality, reduce cost and improve the customer support processes, capabilities that can not be found on traditional CTI systems.
Ing Gerardo Contreras, Infonavit Manager
For over 10 years now, Near BPO has served an essential purpose creating our software architecture, allowing us to double our growth. We could not do it without them!
Ricardo Perez de Lara, CEO of TKM Customer Solutions
We first reached out to Near BPO in order to create a Content Management System for our portfolio of completed works. Since then, they have helped us accomplish substantial upgrades to our IT infrastructure over several years. Near BPO has served an essential purpose in helping my small business transition into a large enterprise.
Esteban Arias Torres, CEO of Canceles Finos
Near BPO’s agile software development methodology has allowed us to seamlessly keep our application current to changing digital social standards. Their design team gave our project a shot in the arm and has able to help us achieve several released and platform optimizations. Every week they have something new to show us, it is truly unbelievable.
Luis Perez de Lara, Product Owner of

The Advantages of Choosing Near BPO

  • Proven track record of BPO strategies from working with several Fortune 100 companies in multiple industry sectors.
  • Complete transparency of solution implementation with real-time monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Team members are knowledgable in a wide variety of IT resources and business process solutions
  • Nearshore location in the same time zone as USA allowing same day on-site access
  • We offer optimized and dynamic staffing flexibility to meet growing demands
  • Outsourcing allows your business to reduce costs without compromising on quality

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